The same applies to every laptop owner; your laptop is an expensive item that deserves the necessary protection. Protecting your laptop against fall, scratch or impact damage can already be remedied with a laptop cover. Yet most people opt for a leather laptop bag. But how do you find the perfect laptop bag that suits you? Honestly, choosing the perfect leather laptop bag is not an easy task. There are so many different brands and so many different factors to consider, such as style, functionality, comfort and price. What and how much will you bring? Do you need extra protection against rain or an accidental fall? Want a separate place for each of your devices, or hate digging through dozens of separate compartments for your EarPods?

Nevertheless, it is a matter of preference to choose the right leather laptop bag. We at NEGOTIA leather will do our best to help you make your choice. Below we outline the four most sold models for you.

What types of laptop bags are there?

A laptop bag is basically any bag that fits your laptop, isn't it simple? Well no.. You have special laptop bags and bags that can hold a laptop. The first category is by far the most sought after, because they are intended specifically for laptops. But a backpack or even a shopper with a laptop compartment, for example, is also very good and may suit your personal style much better.

There are many different types of laptop bags that you can choose from. Below we outline the four most sold models for you.

Leather shoulder bags

Leather shoulder bags are available in all shapes and sizes and do not always have to be specifically designed to move your laptop. You've probably heard of the most common model, the leather messenger bag. Messenger bags are perfect as a laptop bag. This is mainly due to their shape and design. You could even say that the messenger shoulder bags are specially made for laptops. Messenger bags are often designed as light as possible, so you can easily carry the bag both in your hand and over your shoulder. In addition, they are also perfectly organized. Take, for example, the Alpha Laptop Bag 15.6 inches . Because it is equipped with extra compartments, you can easily and conveniently organize, find and grab smaller items such as keys, pens, writing folders or your mobile phone.

Leather briefcase

A leather briefcase is an inseparable characteristic of a modern business man. The main goal is to transport your documents, papers and laptop in an orderly and tidy manner. In addition, it protects against the weather and ensures that your belongings are safe in wind, rain or snow. Briefcases are generally carried in hand.

That said, contemporary briefcase models are more than just bags for documents, papers and your laptop. They are designed to hold all your necessary gadgets, stationery, presentation materials and even your lunch. In addition, leather briefcases have numerous compartments for small items (your USB stick, keys, pens, business cards, for example). Simply put, anything you used to carry in your pockets will fit nicely in a briefcase.

In some cases, messenger bags are designed with the ability to detach the shoulder strap from the bag. The advantage of this is that you can easily transform your messenger bag into a briefcase, which is also the case with our Alpha Laptop Bag 15.6 inches .

Leather Backpack

Leather backpacks are great because anyone can use them anytime, anywhere. Modern designs of leather backpacks have dedicated laptop compartments. These compartments are closest to the back of the wearer and are therefore assured of a safe place.

The leather backpack is especially popular with students who are always racing from place to place. With a leather backpack you can run around comfortably while your laptop rests firmly on your back. The leather backpacks have been on the rise in recent years, the casual style, quality and class that these backpacks exude ensure that the popularity of these backpacks is rising.

duffel bag

Leather Duffel bags are best known for the possibility to travel with them. Whether you're going on a quick weekend trip or a business trip, the duffel bag won't let you down. It's a bag that's meant to hold a lot of stuff, including your laptop! However, unlike messenger bags and briefcases, not all duffel bags are intended for a laptop. If you're planning to buy a Duffel bag that doubles as a leather laptop bag, rest assured. There are indeed variations of duffel bag designs that house laptops. This is the case with the NEGOTIA Alpha Leather Duffel Bags .

Which type of laptop bag suits you best depends on various factors. Think carefully about the functionality that your laptop bag should have. What do you use it for and what do you want to take with you? Next, the size of your laptop is important. When you're looking for the perfect laptop bag, you buy it because you want your laptop to be safe and protected from the inside. However, if your laptop is too big for the bag, it won't fit. Plus, if your laptop is too small, it can move around inside and damage itself. you want a bag with a compartment that fits your laptop safely. So you need to know in advance how big your laptop is.

Finally, you naturally want your laptop bag to match your ambitions and style. Therefore, make sure it is one that you enjoy wearing and that does its job well!