The history of leather bags: How did leather bags become a fashion icon?

Leather bags have been a fashion accessory for centuries and have become an iconic item over the years. Traditionally, leather bags were mainly used for practical purposes, such as carrying important documents and tools. But today, leather bags are not only practical, but also a stylish accessory.

The history of leather bags dates back to the early Middle Ages, where they were mainly used by shepherds and hunters to store their tools and food. In the 14th century, leather bags became more popular and were used as a status symbol by the rich and nobility. These bags were often decorated with gold and silver and were meant to impress.

In the 16th century, leather bags were increasingly associated with travel and adventure, as explorers and sailors began using leather bags to store their belongings. By the 18th century, leather bags had become a common accessory for men and women.

In the 20s and 30s, leather bags became a fashion accessory for women and were available in different sizes, colors and styles. In the 50s, leather bags were increasingly used as school bags and also became popular with men.

Today, leather bags are not only practical and stylish, but also durable and of high quality. Leather bags are made of high-quality leather that lasts for years and only becomes more beautiful over time. In addition, leather bags are available in different styles, such as shoulder bags, backpacks, handbags and briefcases, so there is a suitable bag for every occasion.

In short, the history of leather bags is long and varied and they have become an indispensable fashion accessory for both men and women. Leather bags are durable, high quality and available in a variety of styles, making them worth an investment. NEGOTIA Leather has a wide range of leather bags. View our collections here.