Why leather bags are ideal Christmas gifts?

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas present? We give you the ten best reasons why leather bags are the ideal Christmas gifts.

  1. For him & for her πŸ’‘

Leather is a unisex material that stands for both elegance and toughness. Our backpacks , travel bags , wallets and laptop bags are designed for everyone!

  1. Stands the test of time πŸ’ͺ

High quality leather, fair & sustainable production and attention to detail ensure that our products stand the test of time. That's why your loved ones will have their leather Christmas gifts forever and will probably even pass these accessories on to the next generations.

  1. For every age group πŸ‘΅

Leather accessories are perfect for any age group. Your grandparents will appreciate the value of a beautiful leather bag, but the younger generations will also find joy in their leather Christmas gifts. Leather bags are still an emerging trend!

  1. Sustainability 🌱

Christmas is often associated with excessive consumption. With our leather bags we follow the slow fashion approach. By giving fashion pieces made of natural materials as a gift, you contribute to a more sustainable world and more conscious consumption.

  1. Daily company πŸ’Ό

A leather bag is one of the most important pieces in your closet, because it should go with different outfits every day. Give your boyfriend or girlfriend a bag as a Christmas gift that makes his or her daily life more fashionable & convenient.

  1. Fits every lifestyle πŸ‘”

Traveller, student, fashionista , sustainability advocate, working mother, creative artist or businessman: Our NEGOTIA Leather leather bags adapt to every lifestyle and individual need. You can't go wrong with a classic leather bag as a Christmas gift.

  1. Timeless ⏲

Minimalist leather bags are like a good investment. A leather bag becomes a long-lasting companion. Give your loved ones something that will last and stay with them!

  1. Unique ✨

Each bag has its own unique colors and patterns that tell its own story and become darker and more beautiful with time. Give your friends a Christmas gift that goes with them and is as unique as they are!

  1. For every season πŸŒ„

Summer, autumn, spring and winter: Leather bags can be used all year round!

  1. Practical and spacious πŸ“

The best gifts are the ones that not only look good, but are also useful. Our leather bags are designed with an eye for detail: The bags are practical, look minimalistic and match every outfit. Different sizes, hidden spaces and special functions make our bags distinctive!

  1. And the best 🎁

You can hide even more presents in our leather bags! Be inspired by our collection and choose the perfect gifts for your loved ones!