Are you not satisfied with your product or is your product defective? That's annoying and we're going to do something about it! Below our promises at a glance:

  • After receipt you have 30 days trial period.
  • Free returns in the original packaging.
  • Product defect? Free exchange!
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty on all our products, unless otherwise indicated.
  • Within five working days after receipt of your return shipment, the purchase amount will be refunded to your account.

My product is not what I expected.

Sorry to hear. Can we ensure that the product still meets your expectations? Then of course we are happy to do that. Please contact us so we can solve this together!

My product is defective.

Annoying that your product is defective. Has the packaging or product suffered transport damage by one of our carriers? Then have the driver make a note on the consignment note and send us photos of this. We will exchange your product as soon as possible.

Does the defect have nothing to do with transport damage? Please contact us and we will make sure that we exchange your product as soon as possible.

How can I return my order?

The trial period of all our products is 30 days. Within this period you have the opportunity to view and review the item. If your ordered item does not meet your expectations, the item may be returned undamaged and in the original packaging and with attached label.

If you choose to return your product, please contact us so that we can send you a return label: In this way, returning is completely free. Make sure you pack your order as well as possible and bring it with the return label to the delivery point of the relevant carrier.

Pay attention: If you return your product yourself, we can unfortunately not reimburse these shipping costs. Unfortunately, we must withhold any transport damage due to defective packaging when returning on the credit note that you will receive from us after receipt of the return shipment.

I haven't received my refund yet. What now?

When we have received your returned package, we will refund your purchase amount within five working days. It differs per bank how long it takes for the refund to be on your account.

Do you not have your purchase amount back within five working days? It may be that something didn't go quite right. Contact us and we'll figure it out for you!